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  1. ungriaralph1
  2. hakerflower
  3. hakerflower
  4. creans
    Mortalla Franz fb ko
  5. creans
    boss my superkill ka pabili po
  6. p3ps!
  7. ungriaralph1
    N4n033 IF YOU HAVE TIME Can you share hacks source code on WarRock
  8. ungriaralph1
    Any source code?
  9. p3ps!
  10. DreiGamer
    Pm me on discord sir i wanna buy this cheat

  11. Potyong Molina
    Hello po, ano po FB niyo avail po sana ako
  12. Aqua-Sama
    Nakalimutan ko yung password neto HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  13. vgames746
  14. Jaymike Mods
  15. john legende
    active kapa ba sir ? may discord kba
  16. john legende
    my private cheat kaba sa cfph ngayon ? bibili sana ako
  17. john legende
    active kapa d2
    1. procharles12
      active pa naman.. araw'2 akong online
      Jul 12, 2021
  18. john legende
    active kapa d2 josh
  19. john legende
    active kapa ba dito sir\
  20. ungriaralph1
    Hi, request old dump and address of this

    #define ADR_UserName 0xAEB29C
    #define ADR_UserIP 0xAEB14C(ADR_UserIP+0x10)
    #define ADR_IGNVisual 0xAEB29C
    #define ADR_GMWarning 0xAE5A8C
    #define ADR_Spectator 0xAE55B0
    #define ADR_GMAuthority 0xPRIVATE
    #define ADR_GMSpectate 0x75B8