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Image Title Text
=[ =[ =[
=] =] =]
aok aok /aok
arr arr /arr
baba baba /baba
bai bai /bai
bish bish /bish
boh1 boh1 /boh1
eww eww /eww
fmm fmm /fmm
gassum gassum /gassum
gewd gewd /gewd
gewd2 gewd2 /gewd2
Gewd3 Gewd3 /gewd3
haha haha /ahah /haha
hai hai /hai
mhu mhu /mhu
mmz mmz /mmz
naws naws /naws
nope nope /nope
pls pls /pls
Salute Salute /salute
tehe tehe tehe
Time out Time out /timeout
tire tire /tire
ty ty /ty
yaahman yaahman /yaahman
yayz yayz /yayz
yesno yesno /yesno
10 10 /10
admin admin /admin
Nice Thread Nice Thread /nicethread
nospamhere nospamhere /nospamhere
Not working Not working /notworking
offtopic offtopic /offtopic
Please Please /please
rulez rulez /rulez
spamani spamani /spamani
Thanks Thanks /thanks
welcome welcome /welcome
-_- -_- -_-
:'( :'( :'(
:( :( :(
:) :) :)
:/ :/ ::/
:3 :3 :3
:D :D :D
:o :o :o
:P :P :P
:v :v :v :V
;) ;) ;)
>.< >.< >.<
B-) B-) B-)
^_^ ^_^ ^_^
Cancer Cancer /cancer
comments comments /nocomments
Damn you Damn you /damnyou
Disgusted Disgusted /disgusted
Good Good /good
hmmm hmmm /hmm
Let me think Let me think /hmmm
Mother of God Mother of God /mog
Notbad Notbad /notbad
Okay Okay /okay
Troll Troll /troll
Troll cry Troll cry /trollcry
WannaFight? WannaFight? /fiht
yuno yuno /yuno
face with tears of joy face with tears of joy /toj
grinning face grinning face /grinningface