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Abelssoft HackCheck 2020 v2.01.81 Multilingual

Discussion in 'PC Apllications' started by Ghost2222, Oct 8, 2020.

  1. Ghost2222 RAML Expert
    Member Lvl5

    May 27, 2018

    Abelssoft HackCheck 2020 v2.01.81 Multilingual

    Abelssoft HackCheck 2020 v2.01.81 Multilingual | 4.7 Mb
    Hackcheck monitors your online accounts to detect hacker attacks and alerts you when an attack occurs!

    Billions of private access data have already been stolen by hacking attacks and the number is increasing almost every day. Cybercrime is one of the biggest dangers.
    Millions of private passwords regularly fall into the wrong hands. Since many users use their favorite password in many online services, hacking can have serious consequences. If the stolen password also gives you access to your bank account or other financial tools such as paypal. In these cases, hackers usually empty accounts within a very short time!
    Specialists at the Federal Bureau of Criminal Investigations agree: If you are the victim of a hack, every second counts!
    The problem: Many users do not even know that one of their accounts has been hacked. A big risk, because in most cases, people whose passwords and access data have been stolen can prevent the worst by reacting quickly.
    But how do you know if your account has been hacked? - HackCheck finds out for you!
    The new Windows tool HackCheck takes your email addresses and instantly checks if they belong to a hacking attack. In this case, the program tells you which online service has been compromised in which way - and recommends that you immediately change the password.
    The program runs a new test every four hours and alerts you to new successful hacking attacks against your accounts. In this way, you can change the matching passwords immediately before your own accounts are plundered.
    HackCheck also provides insights into the current security situation and reports the number of web services already affected by a hacker attack and the number of affected accounts worldwide. The latest leak is highlighted in the overview, so you won't miss a major hacker attack.
    Operating System: Windows 7, 8/8.1, 10
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