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Chaos Group V-Ray 5, Update 2 (build 5.20.00) for Autodesk 3ds Max

Discussion in 'PC Apllications' started by Ghost2222, Oct 27, 2021.

  1. Ghost2222 RAML Expert
    Member Lvl5

    May 27, 2018

    Chaos Group V-Ray 5, Update 2 (build 5.20.00) for Autodesk 3ds Max

    Chaos Group V-Ray 5, Update 2 (build 5.20.00) for Autodesk 3ds Max | 3.4 Gb
    The software developer Chaos Group announced the launch of V-Ray 5 for 3ds Max, update 2 (build 5.20.00). Known for its versatility and ability to handle any type of project - from massive, dynamic scenes having thousands of lights to a sublime still life - it is the go-to solution for artists and designers across 3D industries.

    What's new in V-Ray 5 for 3ds Max, update 2
    V-Ray Decal
    Project V-Ray Decal onto surfaces at any angle without extra UVW work or disturbing any underlying materials for quickly making anything from IndyCars and container labels to cracks, stains and scratches
    Sharpen/Blur layer in V-Ray Frame Buffer
    V-Ray 5's extensive post-processing capabilities are bolstered with batch image processing and a new Sharpen/Blur layer for even more artistic control without leaving 3ds Max.
    Chaos Cosmos materials
    More than 200 free, high-quality materials have been added to Chaos Cosmos. Just drag & drop onto surfaces for immediate use and adjust them as you'd like
    V-Ray Instancer lights distribution
    More versatile ways of distributing lights in the scene. Instance your lights based on any kind of particle system.
    Atmospheric light contribution control
    Improved control to speed up your lighting setup. Easily tweak how much an individual light illuminates the environment fog around it.
    Extended material override
    In addition to update 1's extensive global override functions, you can now preserve a scene's materials' original reflection, coat, sheen, and displacement.
    Extended V-Ray Dirt
    New advanced options in VRayDirt ensure precise and agile control over weathering effects.
    Chaos Cloud updates
    An improved cloud rendering experience to speed up project delivery. Displacement is now consistent with V-Ray for 3ds Max, and we've added initial support for SiNi scatter and Anima 4D.
    V-Ray 5, Update 2 (build 5.20.00) Official release - Date: Oct 26, 2021

    - An easy way of projecting one material on top of another;
    - Add contribution per light for atmospherics;
    - Cosmos Materials support;
    - Override material preserve functionality option for material displacement;
    - Override material preserve functionality option for Reflection/Coat/Sheen;
    - Curvature texture support for isolating Convex or Concave values;
    - VRayBlendMtl material to blend the displacement maps of the sub-materials;
    - Add support for animation exporting for the OSL plugin in Max;
    - Implement the thin-walled mode of the VRayMtl on the GPU;
    - Implement the new volumetric translucency modes of the VRayMtl on the GPU;
    V-Ray, VRayInstancer
    - Lights as source objects for the VRayInstancer;
    .vrscene exporter / Chaos Cloud
    - SiNi Software scattering plugins export;
    - Anima 4D characters support for V-Ray GPU and Chaos Cloud;
    - Dot-delimited frame number option in VRayStandalone;
    V-Ray, VRayScene
    - Initial USD support in VRayScene node;
    - Add a Sharpen/Blur post effect layer;
    - Integrate rendering log in the new frame buffer;
    - Option to create an "effectsResult" channel when only Lens Effects layer is enabled (no Denoiser);
    - Option to bake Lens Effects intensity into the Glare channel;
    - Add an option for adding VFB color corrections to all render channels when saving to separate files;
    - Add option to set shortcuts for all VFB2 menu items;
    - Batch image processing in VFB2 for vrimg files;
    - Ability to add color corrections to the VFB Background layer
    - Support for Creases modifier with VRayDisplacementMod subdivision;
    V-Ray, VRayMultiSubTex, VRayTriplanarTex, V-Ray GPU
    - Extend the randomization options in VRayMultiSubTex;
    V-Ray GPU
    - Implement support for the total lighting render element;
    - Support for Sparse Volumes on GPU using Nvidia's NanoVDB library;
    - Expose IES light shape and size to MAXScript;
    - Element recognition in VRayProxy;
    VRayOSL, V-Ray, VRayGLSL, V-Ray GPU, VRayMDL
    - Support for camera shaders;
    - Add Absorption color for the Volumetric Shader for CPU rendering;
    V-Ray, V-Ray GPU
    - Cryptomatte with progressive sampling;

    .vrscene exporter/Chaos Cloud
    - Add a warning that default lights are unsupported when exporting scenes withno other lights;
    - Warning that 3ds Max output is not being saved with Standalone when there is Separate render channels output;
    - Auto rename and add a warning if there are render elements with the same name;
    - Set the default Cosmos browser width to 480 pixels;
    - Switch Cosmos proxies to preview from file, when previews are available;
    - Cosmos HDRI "Import" button should replace/set the map if a Dome Light is currently selected;
    - Use whole mesh (and not the embedded) preview for certain assets (vehicles) on import;
    - Cosmos Import Options remembered after 3ds Max is closed;
    - Bring Cosmos browser to front if it is behind other windows and the user clicks the Cosmos Browser toolbar button
    - Improved LPE material label system;
    - Update Embree to 3.13.0;
    - Apply color corrections to the RGB channel when saving;
    - Remove the Subdivs parameter from V-Ray Light Lister;
    - Remove Quick V-Ray render settings from the Customize UI;
    - Add VRaySpecularMap and VRayReflectionMap bake render elements;
    - Ability to specify a camera to determine reflections for texture baking;
    - Missing parameters in the MAXScript vrscene export function;
    - Preserve the cosmos dialog size (and position) after 3ds Max restart;
    - Preview for UDIM textures in the realistic (Nitrous) viewport;
    - Auto rename duplicate channel names when auto creating LightMix render elements;
    - Display an error and abort the render if there are Progressive Caustics and DR set;
    - Install thumbnail handler for the VRScans files with V-Ray;
    - Consistent IPR scene update with IPR camera selected when View to Render has been locked;
    - Improve the data window values when using Auto mode for the VrayOptionRE;
    - VFB Lens effects were exported even when V-Ray VFB is disabled;
    - Per frame export for animated parameters of Composite map;
    - Better performance of dynamic geometry and tiled textures on many-core machines;
    - Add a custom color option for background in VRayExtraTex render element;
    - Implement Qt-based user interface for VRayMtl, VRay2SidedMtl, VRayALSurfaceMtl, VRayClipper, VRayColor, VRayFastSSS2, VRayProxy;
    - Particles rendering with Embree;
    - Rename the VRay Asset Browser's 'Add to Scene' option to 'Add to Material Editor' or relevant;
    - Improved anisotropy for the V-Ray material; Rename the VRay Asset Browser's 'Add all to scene' to 'Add all to material editor'
    V-Ray GPU
    - Use small buckets when rendering with CUDA CPU Only;
    - VRayDirt with "Ignore Invisible Objects" enabled should not be affected by lights that are invisible;
    - Spot Lights with narrow cones have wrong penumbra with V-Ray GPU compared to CPU;
    - Improve VRayTexOCIO on GPU
    - Expose VRayTotalLighting RE in V-Ray GPU UI; Oversaturated rendering of Mix map when mapped with values above 1
    V-Ray Toolbar
    - Integrate Vantage Live Link with V-Ray for 3ds Max;
    - Replace the Create VRayMetaballs button in V-Ray Toolbar with Create VRayDecal button;
    V-Ray, V-Ray GPU
    - Improve the machine info printed in the log in V-Ray Standalone or by the -version flag;
    - Calculate LC only on the GPU when V-Ray GPU is used;
    - Add support for tiled textures with large amount of tiles on V-Ray GPU;
    - V-Ray GPU fails to load and render tiles texture with Mudbox filename format with lowercase $u and $v;
    - Elapsed time is not showing in the VFB Stats tab when rendering in Bucket mode;
    - Add a new function vfbcontrol #historysize that exposes current history size to MAXScript users;
    - Add MAXScript command to transfer LightMix to scene;
    - Add an icon for the "off" state of the VFB layers;
    - The curve color correction in VFB2 shows visible banding for very low intensity images;
    - Change the Source back to RGB in VFB if the VRayBackToBeauty element is disabled;
    = Implement VRAY_VFB_GLOBAL_PRESET_FILE environment variable for the new VFB;
    = Allow masks for Render element layers;
    - Improve the Lookup table VFB2 correction;
    - Cameras in Render Pull-Down button in VFB to be listed in a sorted order;
    - Possible to load/save VFB2 shortcut configuration from/to file;
    - VFB2 should remember collapsed state of history and layer widgets;
    - Reset VFB position button in the Render Setup window;
    - Disable Layer controls if the layer is disabled;
    - Option to ignore bump in VRayCurvature;
    - Streaks breakthrough for VRayDirt;
    - Blur effect for streaks in VRayDirt;
    - Ignore bump option for VRayDirt;
    - Thin mesh mode for VRayDirt;
    - Add output section to V-Ray Dirt texture;
    V-Ray, VRayInstancer
    - Support for reading custom data channels from Phoenix's PRT Reader in V-Ray Instancer;
    V-Ray, VRayInstancer, VRayTriplanarTex
    - Thinking particles instancing to support Data Channels from TP (tPDCbitmap);
    V-Ray, VRaySun/VRaySky/VRayAerialPerspective
    - Change the name of the "Improved" model in VRaySky to "PRG Clear Sky";
    V-Ray, VRayTriplanarTex, V-Ray GPU
    - Add "by node handle" randomization mode in VRayTriplanarTex;
    - TriPlanar texture make textureable the "frame_offset" and "texture_rotation" parameters;
    VRay2SidedMtl, VRayColor
    - Implement the UI of VRay2SidedMtl and VRayColor in Qt;
    - Ability to exclude objects / lights from VRayAO render element; Add the "Ignore invisible objects" option to the VRayAO pass;
    - Add "auto" mode for the color transfer function in VRayBitmap;
    - Open browse window with VRayBitmap creation in 3ds Max 2022;
    - Fall back to Intel Denoiser when there is no suitable hardware for the NVIDIA Denoiser;
    - Add an option to the Denoiser to take under consideration that you are rendering 360 panorama;
    - Add the possibility to remove multiple objects from VRayDistanceTex list;
    - Gray out the mapping options in VRayEnvironmentFog when the current renderer is V-Ray GPU;
    - Implement Qt UI for VRayFastSSS2 Material;
    - Make the button for texture in VRayLight larger;
    - V-Ray lights' settings to be set to default value with right click on the spinners;
    - Remove some old stale options from the UI to reduce complexity;
    - Hide the No Decay option of V-Ray lights for new scenes;
    - VRayLights to only accept multiplier values above zero;
    - Don't disable adaptive dome lights if all excluded for shadows objects are already invisible for shadows;
    VRayLight, VRayMtl
    - Extend the Drag and drop Cosmos HDRI textures;
    - Ability to suppress the MDL search path prompt;
    - Implement new physically correct GTR anisotropy based on linear stretching of the microsurface;
    - Add support for animation exporting for the OSLMap plugin in Max;
    - Link the values for EV and ISO to update together in VRayPhysicalCamera;
    - Make the Auto mode of "Flip Axis" in VRayScene node to work for USD files;
    - Scale setting for VRayScene node;
    - Remove Subdivs parameter from VRayStochasticFlakesMtl's UI;
    - Remove Subdivs parameters from VRayToonMtl's UI;
    - Minor UI improvements for VRayUVWRandomizer;
    - Speed up frame blending with Time Bend controls;
    - Enable Probabilistic Volumetrics by default for new scenes;
    - Sparsify VDBs exported by the Phoenix simulation or the cache converter;
    - Probabilistic shading should have an effect only with V-Ray in 3ds Max;
    - Enable GPU preview and velocity streamline preview in 3ds Max 2022;
    - Allow animating of the Solid, Wetting and Voxel Mode Override node properties in 3ds Max;
    - Move the Preferences and About dialog from the Simulator to the Phoenix FD menu;
    - Make Huffman compression of particles multi-threaded and break up the channels into pieces like the grid channels;
    - Make Zip compression of particles multi-threaded
    - Sequential Tab ordering of the dialog controls in 3ds Max;

    .vrscene exporter/Chaos Cloud
    VRayBitmap's Mono output set to Alpha doesn't work with Mix and Composite maps when exported;
    Anima Subscription models are not rendered properly with Standalone and V-Ray GPU;
    Wrong export of ColorCurveGrad.osl and SetFloat.osl;
    The cache size for tiled textures is not exported;
    Cache normals option in VRayDisplacementMod has no effect in vrscene;
    Discrepancy with VRayUVWRandomizer's Random by Instance ID and Random by Particle ID modes in V-Ray Standalone;
    Incorrect export to .vrscene of the mirror option in the Coordinates rollout;
    MultiTexture results in V-Ray Standalone don't match V-Ray for 3ds Max when randomizing by object;
    Forest Color results in V-Ray Standalone don't match V-Ray for 3ds Max when "random strength min" is greater than "random strength max";
    Scene with empty name is exported incorrectly as .vrsceneuntitled;
    Add a warning that VRayBitmap's Noise options do not render in Standalone;
    VRayUVWRandomizer random by name / by element distribution on geometry mismatch with V-Ray Standalone;
    No error code when exporting vrscenes to wrong paths;
    Access violation on "Export and Render" in case of issues with finding V-Ray Standalone installation;
    VRayMultiSubTex Random by Name distribution on VRayLight mismatch with V-Ray Standalone;
    Exporting .vrscene zip or folder to existing one merges the assets instead of overriding them;
    Archive as ZIP is greyed out if we open another scene to export;
    OpenSubdiv Preserve Geom Bnd/Preserve Map Bnd options are not exported to .vrscene;
    Wrong vrscene export - skipped switch material in blend;
    Displacement texture of VRaySwitchMtl sub-material is not exported;
    Some of the MultiSubTex modes are not properly exported to Standalone;
    Motion blur shutter efficiency is not exported;
    Disabling the 'generate render elements' option in the VRayDenoiser has no effect when exporting .vrscenes;
    vrscene export doesn't register VRayDisplacementMod amount animation;
    VRayDistanceTex with hidden reference object is not exported properly to vrscene;
    Animated Gradient ramp is not exported with .vrscene file;
    Show a warning for unsupported image filters when exporting to vrscene and Chaos Cloud;
    Discrepancy with VRayTriplanar's Random by Instance ID and Random by Particle ID modes in V-Ray Standalone;
    Negative anisotropy values are clamped to 0 in vrscene export;
    VrayEnvironmentFog with loaded animated atmospheric gizmo is not exported to .vrscene;
    Warnings during scene export fail backburner jobs;
    Incorrect scene export with Forest Pro with camera motion blur and forest camera density/scale checkboxes enabled;
    VRayMtl's animated map multipliers / color swatches are exported incorrectly;
    Animated self illumination multiplier of VRayMtl is not exported to Standalone/Chaos Cloud when a map is used;
    Mapped Fog color of VRayMtl is not exported properly;
    Per frame export for animated Phase parameter of VRayNoiseTex map;
    Per frame export for animated parameters of VRayNoiseTex map; Forest Pack 7 "Limit to visibility" feature doesn't work with animation export
    Cosmos import options window for 3ds Max 2018 is not properly scaled and moved;
    Cosmos importer settings should be persistent across 3ds Max sessions;
    Bump amount of imported Cosmos assets doesn't scale properly depending on the 3ds Max Units Setup;
    Wrong Cosmos gallery size in maximized browser window after reopen;
    Cosmos browser exceeds desktop height on higher desktop scale (250%);
    Installer displays wrong destination paths for 3ds Max 2022;
    Some of the shortcuts that V-Ray installs are not visible in the Windows Start Menu;
    Rendering animation to vrscene or on the Cloud during simulation will render only the first cache from the sequence;
    Transforms of Render Cutter, Glass geometry or Fade volume do not contain animation when exported to vrscene from 3ds Max;
    Rendering in Mesh Mode with Smoothing and Motion Blur enabled loses the smoothed normals in 3ds Max;
    Crash with camera shaders on process exit;
    Fish eye auto-fit option is ignored on vrscene export;
    Normals render element is wrong with texture baking when a bake camera is specified;
    Crash when successively deleting cameras in V-Ray Camera Lister;
    MaxScript error (and no export) with the VRMat converter when a VRayMultiSubTex is present in the shader;
    3ds Max freezes on scene reset if there is a corrupted vrimg file in VFB2 image history;
    V-Ray Spawner is restarted on second V-Ray DR render;
    Typos in the usage text of Material Library Downloader;
    Crash with Slate material editor when the material renderer is V-Ray but the production renderer is another;
    Crash with printing warning on scene export having MultiScatter in the scene;
    vfbcontrol #historyload returns control back to the caller before the image is loaded;
    V-Ray Scene Exporter Analyze UI is messed if Cloud submitter is opened over it;
    Difference between material displacement with and without a modifier with the same settings;
    Register V-Ray menus writes in Program Files when no user settings are present;
    Crash when rendering specific scene with Physical materials in Standalone;
    Rendering with VFB2 in V-Ray Standalone prints QObject::installEventFilter message;
    Pixel aspect is not applied on render begin but only if toggling the pixel aspect option;
    VFB2 menu shortcuts are listed multiple times in 3ds Max 2018 and 2019;
    .vrscene exporter / Chaos Cloud's V-Ray path browse button doesn't work in 3ds Max 2022;
    Thinking Particles normal meshes (non instanced) are no longer rendering along with Instances or when Instancing is turned on in tP.;
    JSON validation when trying to load layer presets wtih MAXScript;
    Wrong render with V-Ray GPU when the frame being rendered is outside the active time segment;
    Error with Max Batch resulting from Cosmos importer connection on 3ds Max startup;
    Incorrect shadows on alembic file when including it to a light;
    Problem with reflections when baking VrayCompleteMap;
    Material IDs are not rendered properly on Thinking particles using instancing;
    ThinkingParticles are not rendered at all with Render Instance enabled if they don't have explicit Shape instancing;
    Standalone generates artifacts when switching the material slot (of a multi material) in animation;
    Create V-Ray Physical Camera command is missing in main menu;
    Exception when rendering with V-Ray GPU from viewport that is set to align with some light;
    VRayDRBucket render element could be denosied;
    Image file paths are not listed in the asset tracker for VRayBitmap texmap withtiles;
    Difference in displacement between 3ds Max and Standalone;
    VRayInstancer doesn't render VolumeGrid with motion blur enabled;
    Laggy Cosmos Browser when the create light operation in Max is still active;
    VRayInstancer, VRayMetaball, VRayPlane, VRayScene, VRaySphere are incorrectly named in the Modifier list in Max 2022;
    V-Ray GPU
    V-Ray GPU crashes on render end in scenes with VraySun and disabled atmospheric effects;
    Remove Prepass samples option from GPU render settings;
    Gray out "Multiply color by opacity" option of the V-RayLightMtl when V-Ray GPU is selected as engine;
    Crash in V-Ray GPU IPR when switching GPU Light cache on/off and restarting IPR;
    Specific UDIMs are not supported on GPU;
    Crash with GPU Light cache from file on second render;
    GPU Light cache from file is not working;
    Simple scene renders much slower with adaptive dome light and specific dome texture;
    Crash with CUDA-CPU and k2 on the 3990x threadripper;
    Incorrect results with VRayMtl SSS translucency if the 'Scatter Radius' has zero components;
    VRayOCIO does not convert VRayColor;
    Missing highlight with thin-walled glossy refraction;
    Environment changes are not reflected in IPR with GPU LC unless another change is made after them;
    Artifacts with VRayClipper using C++/CPU rendering;
    Crash in hybrid mode with specific setup with refractive material, bucket sampler and kernel 2;
    Incorrect results with invisible lights behind objects with refraction glossiness;
    GPU crash with a specific setup including V-Ray UVWGenExplicit and BerconNoise;
    GPU Light Cache has 0 num samples in several test scenes;
    Error 700 with GPU LC and self illumination test scene;
    Endless GPU LC calculation with OptiX on RTX hardware;
    Animated VRayLight is not rendered on proper position;
    UVs break when using demand Mip-mapping with .tx files;
    Freezes during K3 on scenes containing ALSurface;
    Copying objects during Optix IPR is not considered;
    Artifacts in shadow when rendering scene with VRayFur;
    Light cache error when render is stopped during Light cache;
    Wrong alpha in specific scene when k3/ooc geometry is used;
    Wrong dirt in extra tex with k3/ooc geometry in specific scene;
    Wrong extra_tex render in specific scene when kernel3/ooc is enabled;
    Missing particles from nightly scene when k3/ooc geometry is used with V-Ray GPU;
    Wrong SSS render in nightly scene when k3/ooc geometry is used with V-Ray GPU;
    Multicamera VR does not render correctly with GPU in Standalone/Cloud;
    Artifacts when AL grid is loaded from light cache;
    GPU Light cache Error when aborting render during Loading bitmaps phase;
    The MultiMatte render element renders different result in V-Ray GPU compared to V-Ray;
    VRayLightMtl Compensate camera exposure not working properly on other than Standard camera modes in GPU;
    Crash with VRayExtraTex RE, visible lights and GPU Light cache;
    IPR crashes with GPU Light Cache when changing the Background color quickly;
    Incorrect VRayLightSelect RE with GPU light cache and multiple light selects containing the same light;
    Fireflies with refractive materials;
    Crashed various test scenes with Out of core on Linux with GPU;
    Darker GI with matte objects when matte for refl/refr is off;
    Artifacts in VRayLightSelect RE when rendered with LC GPU on multiple GPU machine;
    Exception with GPU Light cache and RTX with specific scene;
    Artifacts in IPR with GPU Light Cache when adding/cloning/moving point lights (like IES, Omni, Spot);
    Difference in rendering VRayMtl with sheen color inside VRay2SidedMtl in CUDA;
    Shutter efficiency has no effect on motion blur with CUDA;
    Adaptive Lights with Distributed Rendering and Point light artifacts;
    Render artifacts with shelled glass geometry intersecting the bounding box of the Volumetric grid on V-Ray GPU;
    Grid artifacts when rendering Particle Shader in Fog mode under the liquid surface with V-Ray GPU;
    V-Ray GPU crashes with enabled motion blur and "Default geometry type" set to "Auto";
    Crash when rendering VRayCarPaintMtl2 in animation;
    Objects render black on using Metalness with no reflection color;
    Crash on second render with GPU Light cache and Resumable rendering;
    Artifacts in IPR with GPU Light Cache when adding/cloning/moving point lights (like IES, Omni, Spot);
    V-Ray GPU IPR
    Off in viewport for modifiers also disables them in V-Ray GPU IPR;
    Max switches to ticks for the whole duration of V-Ray GPU IPR;
    Freeze in V-Ray GPU IPR with GPU Light cache when moving camera or geometry;
    Incorrect IPR update with GPU LC when drawing render region in VFB;
    V-Ray GPU, V-Ray
    Crash when sliding timeline during IPR session with hybrid mode, OOC and GPU Light cache;
    V-Ray IPR
    V-Ray IPR restart loop with Anima 4D characters;
    POV viewport menu selection doesn't аffect IPR render view after selecting camera in VFB;
    Crash when stopping IPR after using debug shading with isolate selected material;
    Exposure control from VRay camera is not immediately applied in IPR when switching views;
    Environment (Physical camera) exposure control not updated during IPR;
    V-Ray Material Library
    Material Library No preview for materials/libraries with non-standard names;
    Material browser preview data table is highlit on mouse hover without being interactable;
    Minimum width for the Asset preview window (Material Library);
    V-Ray Asset Browser (Material Library) to preserve the material name when added to the scene;
    V-Ray Toolbar
    When loading application package from arbitrary location the toolbar icons are not loaded;
    Cosmos browser button(s) missing in 3ds Max 2016 & 2017;
    V-Ray, VRayPhysicalCamera
    VRayPhysicalCamera with Exposure Value Mode is affected with 0 and negative shutter speed;
    Particles created by the simulation sometimes have invalid or repeating IDs;
    V-Ray Bitmap to VRayBitmap converter
    Output selections of Bitmap are not transfered when converting to VRayBitmap;
    Non-latin characters not displaying properly in VFB Source:LightMix;
    V-Ray crashes when reading VFB2 Layer presets with unexpected format;
    Color correction layers are not disabled when Render element is selected in VFB;
    Crash when zooming a lot in image files with Exposure correction in VFB2;
    It is possible to drag color corrections above the display correction;
    VFB2 curve "Save As Type" file filter is incorrect;
    Curve or White balance pipette tool stays active after layer is disabled;
    Coat and Sheen specular render elements are visible into LightMix menu;
    Black VFB when aborting a subsequent render if Denoiser is enabled;
    VFB2 Layers tree is reset in V-Ray Standalone if quotation symbol is used in a layer's name;
    Reset all to default doesn't reset removed hotkey after Resolve conflict;
    Lens effects do not work correctly when using VRayStereoscopic helper;
    Overbright Lens Effects in an image with NaN pixels;
    Black buckets when loading a denoiser layer via an image in the History while rendering;
    VFB2 fails to load vrimg file in specific case when there is a rendered image and History is disabled;
    Incorrect values for render region in VFB2 with MaxScript control function;
    Crash when applying Curves correction in VFB2 when the loaded image has no RGB channel;
    Color picker window is not contained in the desktop boundaries;
    Possible incorrect output with disabled Post Effect layer;
    Opacity mapped objects are incorrect in VRayZDepth with Don't filter environment option enabled;
    UDIM files are not resolved when using User defined attributes in VRayBitmap;
    Different filtering of VRayBitmap if mapping source is a VRayTriplanarTex texture;
    UDIM textures with ${VAR_NAME} are not working;
    Regression in resolving paths from User defined attributes in VRayBitmap;
    Textures withandtags and relative paths are not loaded in VRayBitmap;
    VRayClipper, VRayPlane
    V-Ray Clipper with "Use object material" turned on crashes with Forest;
    VRayCurvature map's name gets reset on scene reload;
    Difference with VRayCurvature in V-Ray Standalone;
    VRayDenoiser's denoising engine dropdown is grayed out for machines without any dedicated GPUs;
    VRayDirt set to Inner occlusion appears in Reflection RE with V-Ray Standalone;
    Debug shading Ambient occlusion mode is wrong for displaced geometry in V-Ray GPU IPR;
    Crash when VRayDirt with Streaks enabled is used for OverrideMtl and Preserve options;
    Graphic UI elements mismatch and out of borders in VRayDisplacementMod;
    Discrepancy with Particle Systems and VRayDistanceTex between Max and Standalone/Chaos Cloud. Max rendering improved;
    Crash when rendering specific scene with VRayEdgesTex as bump and increased number of light cache bounces;
    Crash with incorrectly merged Environment's fog objects;
    VRayEnvironmentFog, VRaySun/VRaySky/VRayAerialPerspective
    Wrong consistent render elements of scenes with VRayAerialPerspective;
    VRayExposureControl, V-Ray
    V-Ray Exposure Control is not working with EV value from VRayPhysicalCamera;
    Crash when rendering rectangular 3ds Max light with VRayFastSSS2;
    Wrong effect of VRayScatterVolume with very high values of SSS color;
    Crash when loading scenes with changed shader paths and null fingerprints;
    VRayGLSL, VRayOSL, V-Ray GPU
    In OSL shaders some built-in global derivatives are wrong on GPU;
    Known system exception when loading ies files via MAXScript;
    Crash when rendering VRayInstancer with animated instanced object and motion blur;
    Crash with old scenes with VRayInstancer using Thinking particles;
    Incorrect (larger) lighting analysis illuminance values with area light sources;
    Crash on render with V-Ray Light select RE and refractive matte object intersecting another geometry;
    Crash with clear coat material and subdivided geometry and very high material reflection depth;
    NAN pixels with refractive material with negative Fog bias;
    Wrong Preserve refraction with Thin-Walled option;
    It is not possible to set a number lower than 1 for ID of VRayMultiSubTex;
    VRayMultiSubTex, V-Ray GPU
    Output of the randomized maps is clamped with VRayMultiSubTex;
    Animation of VRayNormalMap map rotation parameter is not exported to vrscene;
    Help text indented with spaces is not displayed correctly in VRayOSLTex;
    VRayOSLTex Clear doesn't remove the applied texture maps;
    VRayPhysicalCamera's Tilt corrections don't match the viewport;
    VRayPluginNode unlinked textures are still rendered;
    VRayPluginNode UVW generators are not animated as expected;
    Crash when setting Gradient Ramp map for VRayPluginNodeMtl BRDFStochasticFlakes Random color map;
    Preview levels list becomes disabled and empty when switching display modes;
    Creating a new VRayProxy with "preview from file" uses the default cube for viewport selection;
    VRayProxy fails to show viewport preview when opening a scene;
    Difference in the clear coat layer of VRScans car paint materials between NEXT and 5;
    VRaySoftbox should use the Base color swatch if a base map is not specified;
    VRaySphere does not work with VRayInstanser;
    Crash with VRayStochastic flakes and random hue in specific scene;
    No effect of Sun invisible and Sun size multiplier options in VRaySky with specified VRaySun node;
    The VRayToon effect does not work with some camera types and FOVs around 180;
    Increase/Decrease Grid Resolution buttons scale the simulator size after merging a scene in 3ds Max 2022;
    Changing the frame during 3ds Max V-Ray IPR CPU distorts the Phoenix mesh when it has modifiers;
    Phoenix mesh renders incorrectly in animation with V-Ray Standalone when it has 3ds Max modifiers applied to it;
    Retiming particles without IDs causes them to disappear in blended frames;
    Particles rendered as Bubbles inside of a liquid mesh render darker when exported from 3ds Max to vrscene;
    All types of Phoenix previews are drawn on top of and occlude V-Ray's Viewport IPR in 3ds Max;
    Surface Channel of the Liquid Simulator resets to Liquid when rendering starts in 3ds Max;
    Re-timed particles using Time Bend Controls lose their ID channel;
    Out of memory Error during building mesh with Phoenix liquid when rendering a scene with V-Ray Standalone on Linux;
    The voxel preview in 3ds Max 2022.1 is multiplied by the object color;
    Active Body simulation with many bodies is very slow in 3ds Max with Macro Recorder enabled;
    Crash when rendering Phoenix Simulator with Export as Particle plugged into V-Ray Instancer's Particles list during simulation;
    Hiding all Phoenix nodes translates the instances when the Phoenix Simulator is used as Particles in V-Ray Instancer;
    The Beer and Ocean presets are rendering differently in V-Ray Standalone for 3ds Max and Maya;
    Phoenix GUI license is taken with 3dsmaxbatch.exe simulations;
    Crash when meshing grids nearing or over 2 billion voxels;
    Crash if A_StopSim() is called on changing the timeline frame during simulation in 3ds Max;
    Crash when constructing the scalar Speed channel of VDBs whose bounding box does not start at 0,0,0;
    Starting or restoring the simulation sometimes randomly fails on Threadripper 3990X;
    Crash when resimulating liquids to VDB, since Phoenix 4.10;
    Crash during IPR of a Particle Shader in Bubbles mode with Render as Geometry ON;
    Crash when exporting the ID channel of a particle system with more than 536'870'911 particles;
    The cache is appearing skewed in the Extended GPU Preview when the selected viewport is turned into the extended GPU Preview Window;
    Repeating Undo in the Phoenix MAXScript window will ultimately erase all the script;
    Splashes Foam on Hit Amount is named Size Distribution in Track View;
    Probabilistic volumetrics render particles in Point mode incorrectly when combined with Smoke;
    Fire and fire lights illumination are not visible in Reflection render element with V-Ray CPU;
    No motion blur from translation with more than 10 Simulators/V-Ray Volume Grids in Volumetric mode in 3ds Max;
    Maya viewport gets stuck when using a Particle Texture as a Surface Channel for meshing;
    Chaos Group released V-Ray 5 for 3ds Max,connecting its award-winning renderer to more parts of the visualization process. Artists and designers can now composite renders, enhance materials and interactively relight images without leaving the program, extending V-Ray's capabilities into new realms.
    Two of V-Ray 5's most exciting additions - Layer Compositing and Light Mix - can be found in the new V-Ray Frame Buffer (VFB), which was also redesigned for efficiency and a cleaner look.
    With Light Mix, artists can interactively explore different lighting scenarios without having to re-render an image. Users can now adjust the color and intensity of any light source right away, ensuring faster iterations when designing looks and moods.
    The Layer Compositor offers a faster path to final images, helping users post-process shots in the new VFB without outside applications. Using this non-destructive workflow, artists can adjust different render elements and perform color corrections with ease.
    V-Ray 5 adds seven features and improvements tailored to materials, including a new management system and over 500 readymade materials designed to cover most objects and spaces. New built-in presets can help dial-in everyday options like metal, glass and plastic, as well as common hair colors, helping artists achieve photorealism much faster.
    With V-Ray 5's new randomization tools, artists can add slight variations to their materials, increasing believability across a scene. VRayMultiSubTex colors can now be shifted by hue, saturation and gamma, while a new VRayUVWRandomizer map will adjust the offset, rotation and scale of both textures and procedural materials. For repeating texture maps, artists now have Stochastic Texture Tiling, which automatically removes tiling artifacts.
    V-Ray 5, update 2is packed with features to help you focus on your designs and increase your productivity. Use the new V-Ray Decal to rapidly place materials anywhere on surfaces and other materials without additional UVW mapping work. V-Ray 5's new VFB gets even more capable with a new Sharpen & Blur layer and Batch Image processing. Materials can now be easily assigned from Chaos Cosmos, with 200 new materials to start. New creative lighting possibilities unfold as light sources can now be used within the VRayInstancer. And much more..
    V-Ray 5 for 3ds Max, update 2 - now available
    Chaos Groupis a worldwide leader in computer graphics technology, helping artists and designers create photoreal imagery and animation for design, television, and feature films. Chaos Group specializes in physically-based rendering and simulation software used daily by top design studios, architectural firms, advertising agencies, and visual effects companies around the globe. Today, the company's research and development in cloud rendering, material scanning, and virtual reality is shaping the future of creative storytelling and digital design. Founded in 1997, Chaos Group is privately owned with offices in Sofia, Los Angeles, Baltimore, Seoul, and Tokyo.
    Product:Chaos Group V-Ray 5
    Version:update 2 (build 5.20.00) for Autodesk 3ds Max
    Supported Architectures:x64
    Website Home Page :
    Languages Supported:english
    System Requirements:PC *
    Size:3.4 Gb

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