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[Hot] Disk Graph 2.3.1 MAS

Discussion in 'PC Apllications' started by ad-team, Nov 14, 2021.

  1. ad-team RAML Expert
    Member Lvl5

    Oct 14, 2017

    Disk Graph 2.3.1 MAS

    File size: 7.16 MB​

    Disk Graph is a tool that allows you to inspect your disk and easily find the files that take away most of your disk space. With its beautiful interface and its pie-like graph, locating big files has never been easier.
    Features of DiskGraph include:
    • Any directory reachable in the Finder (i.e. on your local machine, on an external drive or even on a remote server) can be selected and immediately analyzed
    • Freely navigate inside the subdirectories of an analyzed folder or device
    • Smooth animations manage the transitions between selected directories
    • Move the mouse over a file to see its name and size
    • Use the context menu or keyboard shortcut to trash selected files
    • Quickly search for filenames
    • Save your favorite locations and access them with one click from the main window
    • Switch any time between two modes: File Size Mode (where section sizes are relative to the respective file size) and File Count Mode (where section sizes represent the number of contained files)
    • Adjust the number of levels the pie graph displays so that you can have a better overview of deep directories.

    Disk Graph has been designed in order to be fun and easy to use.
    Supported Operation System:
    • OS X 10.10 or later
    • Apple Silicon or Intel Core processor

    Download from RapidGator
    Download from DDownload
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