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[Release] Internet Download Manager 6.35 Build 9 RePack by elchupacabra

Discussion in 'PC Apllications' started by TheCornor, Nov 11, 2019.

  1. TheCornor RAML Expert
    Member Lvl5

    Dec 1, 2018

    Internet Download Manager 6.35 Build 9 RePack by elchupacabra

    File Size : 14MB
    Internet Download Manager (IDM) is a convenient tool that allows you to increase the download speed, which supports downloading and scheduled downloads. According to users, Internet Download Manager is an excellent program that allows you to download your favorite software, games, cd, dvd and mp3 music, movies, freeware and shareware much faster!

    Internet Download Manager has a built-in logical download accelerator, including intelligent dynamic file segmentation and secure multi-layer download technology, which helps to speed up downloads. A comprehensive error analysis system and the ability to resume, will help to continue the download, which was interrupted due to loss of connection, network problems, computer shutdown or fluctuations in the power supply.
    Additional Information:
    Dynamic file segmentation that uses the two-part rule
    Reusing connections that have finished loading their parts of the file without additional login steps
    Customizable timeout time and number of connections to configure IDM for your connection type

    What's New in Version:
    What's new in version 6.35 Build 9?
    - Improved download engine
    - Fixed problems with browsers integration
    - Fixed bugs

    What's new in version 6.35 Build 8?
    - Improved download engine
    - Added a feature to download and mix / assemble TS videos where audio and video go in different streams
    - Added the possibility to change action on double click to open files in IDM main list
    - Fixed "403 Forbidden" downloading problem for some web sites
    - Fixed bugs

    Features RePack
    ATTENTION!!! Since (unlike the original version) the program integrates into browsers
    at the installation stage, False antivirus activation is possible.
    1. Does not require registration (patch pawel97 + keygen ADMIN @ CRACK)
    2. Multilingual interface (including Russian)
    3. Optional installation of 35 additional toolbars
    4. Optional installation of IDM Backup Manager
    5. Selecting when installing some program options:
    - Run IDM when loading the computer
    - Launch IE-browser control module
    - Show categories
    6. Minor editing of menus and dialogs of the program
    7. Ability to install modifications of Glyfz 2016, iOS Line, Windows 10
    (in addition to the additional toolbar, change.ncz category icons, dialog icons and the main icon about grams, see screenshots)
    8. Picks up the settings from the external settings.reg file
    9. The ability to pick up and autocopy custom toolbars from the toolbars folder, if one is nearby
    during installation, and it is also possible to autorun the toolbars.exe file, which can contain custom panels in the sfx archive.
    10. In addition to the installation, the "Update" mode is provided, in which the files of the new version are unpacked exclusively,
    WITHOUT any additional actions of the installer, changing user settings, entries in the registry (with the exception of a
    few keys with the number of the updated version), installation of additional components.

    Silent installation with the / SILENT or / VERYSILENT switches (or the silent installation.cmd file)
    Creating a custom installation script with the choice of settings and components with the /SAVEINF="setup.ini key (or the file "Creating an installation script.cmd")
    "Silent" installation of the program using the previously created installation script with the / SILENT /LOADINF="setup.ini key " (or by the file "Silent installation according to the script.cmd")
    For a "silent" update of the program, the additional key UPDATE = 1 (or by the file "Silent installation by the cm.d")

    Integration in browsers:
    For Google Chrome:
    - Using the notification in the upper right corner of the browser "Added a new IDM integration Module extension",
    enable this extension

    For Mozilla Firefox:
    - When prompted, allow the installation of IDM integration

    If there is an integration problem for Mozilla browsers (Firefox, Waterfox, etc.) .d.) install the extension manually.
    In the program folder, you have three files with the extension ".xpi" They have the same name - idmmzcc.xpi, but different numbers at the end: idmmzcc2.xpi and idmmzcc3.xpi
    Please carefully look at the following:
    Choose idmmzcc.xpi (without numbers) for Firefox versions from 1.5 to 26 inclusive.
    Choose idmmzcc2.xpi for Firefox from version 27 to version 52 inclusive.
    Select idmmzcc3.xpi for Firefox 53 and newer.

    For Opera:
    - According to the attached instructions Integration in Opera.mht

    For Internet Explorer:
    - When installing, select the option "Run IE-browser control module"
    - Turn on the IDM integration add-on when requested (it may require a one-time browser restart
    if after clicking the IDM link intercept the download)

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