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[Info] Profile Edit Request Policies!

Discussion in 'Help / Support / Suggestion' started by Mae, May 5, 2019.

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  1. Mae
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    Profile Edit Request Policies!

    Rules, Regulations & Policies

    Name Changes

    • 1000 posts is the required minimum to request a name. * Does not apply to Donator Members or Staff.
    • Taken usernames can be solicited so long as the following conditions are met:
      The account has been unused for at least five years.
      The account is not above Member Level 2.
      The account is not part of former staff or any special groups.
    • Name changes can only be requested every 1000 posts. * Does not apply to Donator Members or Staff.
    • Names cannot contain profanity or offensive language/terms
    • Names cannot be similar to staff names or contain 'RAML' in it.
    • Names cannot contain tags such as [Mod][ADMIN] etc.
    • Names cannot be made bold, different font, different color, italic.
    • Names must have at least 3 characters.
    • Names must be in alphanumeric only. i.e. No symbols allowed.

    Tips for name availability check:

    • Google the following: site:ramleague.net "desired name" If the name is taken you'll most likely end up viewing a profile link. This method is not as foolproof as mentioning the name you want.
    • Mention (@ + name you wish to have) the name in the middle of a post. Does not work if the first word, or if using visitor messages or private messages.

    User title Changes

    • A minimum of 500 posts is required for basic text user titles. * Does not apply to Donator Members or Staff.
    • Title changes can only be requested every 500 posts. * Does not apply to Donator Members or Staff.
    • A minimum of 1337 posts is required for Image titles. * Does not apply to Donator Members or Staff.
    • User titles cannot contain profanity, vulgar, sexual or offensive terms.
    • A maximum of 90 characters is allowed for any text title, including any HTML edits. (Bold, center, italics, color) For donors and staff the max is 110 characters.
    • Image titles cannot be larger than 160w X 25h
    • Image titles cannot contain RAML heading. ** Does not apply to Staff only.
    • Image titles cannot be or contain official site usergroup tags.
    • Image titles and text titles cannot be combined, only one or the other. ** Does not apply to Staff only.
    • Image titles cannot be more than 1 image (Gifs are counted as one image) and it does not violate any of the other policies.
    • Image titles can only be uploaded to Please Login/Register to view links, no others will be accepted, including RAML attachment URLs.
    • Titles cannot have a different font.
    • Titles cannot have a different size.
    • Colored Text Titles require at least 1000 posts & as we use HTML for custom titles we require the user to provide the HTML color #.
    • Usergroups tags cannot be moved or replaced etc. (Donators, Member level, Minion, Princess, etc.) They are set by the system and their placement is fixed.

    Other Important Information

    • Be specific with your request! Write out exactly what you want. You get exactly what you request, If you fail to be specific and something is missing from your request, it is your fault not mine. You will have to wait the post limit for any changes you may have forgotten if applicable to you. This includes special text effects, or image title placement. If you can't be bothered to read the rules, I can't be bothered to edit your request.
    • If a color is requested on a text title you must provide the HTML color code for it. Otherwise it will not be added.
    • We reserve the right to deny ANY request for ANY reason, even for donors.
    • If the requested edit is in another language a translation into English must be included.
    • No avatar requests, ever. That includes size increase, etc.
    • If you do not have the necessary requirements, your post will be removed and you may be banned, this thread is your warning.
    • Multiple request threads will be denied and may lead to a ban. Think about your requests and make a single thread.
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