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ScrollNavigator 5.13.4

Discussion in 'PC Apllications' started by Ghost2222, Jan 6, 2020.

  1. Ghost2222 RAML Expert
    Member Lvl5

    May 27, 2018

    ScrollNavigator 5.13.4

    ScrollNavigator 5.13.4 | 1.5 Mb
    ScrollNavigator helps you to scroll your documents horizontally and vertically. Simply click and hold down the right (or the middle) mouse button anywhere in a window and move the mouse to scroll the window contents. This saves you the trouble of positioning the mouse cursor over a scroll bar and it allows scrolling both directions at the same time. ScrollNavigator works with all windows that have standard scroll bars (e.g. all office programs, explorer windows and most other applications).

    ScrollNavigator also adds dynamic acceleration to your mouse wheel. This indispensable feature makes mouse wheel scrolling more accurate when you turn the wheel slowly, and it scrolls your documents much faster when you turn the wheel quickly. Try it out and see how wheel acceleration will make your work much more efficient and enjoyable. Turning the mouse wheel will scroll the window under the mouse cursor instead of the one with the focus, so there is no need for clicking inside the window first, anymore. The back, forward and middle buttons of the mouse can also be customized and sent directly to the window under the mouse cursor.
    Key Features
    Two-dimensional scrolling with one mouse click
    No need to position the mouse cursor on scroll bars
    Works with all standard applications and most others
    Pressing the "Ctrl" key temporarily disables scroll navigation
    Dynamic mouse wheel acceleration (fully configurable)
    Mouse wheel scrolling of the window under the mouse cursor (without having to click it first)
    Back and forward mouse buttons work on the window under the mouse cursor (without having to activate it first)
    Customization of back, forward and middle mouse buttons
    Fully customizable
    Silent installation and uninstallation for mass deployment
    Now with Windows 10 support!
    System requirements
    Supported operating systems (32 and 64 bit):
    Windows XP
    Windows Vista
    Windows 7
    Windows 8
    Windows 10
    Windows Home Server
    Windows Server 2003
    Windows Server 2008
    Windows Server 2012
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