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  1. joshua ortega
    baka may bago ka
  2. Hax01
    chupain kita
  3. cyborg20
    hi ask q lng pano sumali s forum ng asia coders di ksi inaaprove registration q bakit kaya..bibili pnaman aq vip cheat..
  4. 935123246
  5. cyborg20
    may cf cheat kpba
  6. ungriaralph1
    Hellow Sx96 Can you send me on private addy logger for WarRock europe <3
  7. fafared
  8. RamlArjames18
  9. proti81
    delete profikle
  10. mikejason123
  11. gmfalcon
    pm me on
    fb dmlycamae hasmine lopez
  12. gmfalcon
    sir pabile po ng cheat
    1. MemoryThePast
      PM me here or DM me on discord irereto ko sayo yong magandang cheat di kasi ako totally na reseller
      Dec 11, 2020
  13. ambo sixtynine
    sir baka meron kang increase area of affected damage pa avail ako ..
  14. ambo sixtynine
    may vip cheat po kayo sa cf ?
  15. ambo sixtynine
    may vip cheat po kayo sa cf ?
  16. ambo sixtynine
    gud am .. may cheat po ba kayo sa cf na area of affected damage .. bibili po sana ko
  17. ambo sixtynine
    cno po meron cheat na AOE sa crossfire willing po ako mag bayad
  18. Rambo TAn
    boss, pabili ng vip cheat ng cf
  19. ungriaralph1
    Hi HaxCoder do you have d3d menu or some working before? Can you give me
    1. HAxCodER™
      go check msg
      Nov 13, 2020
  20. ungriaralph1