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[Hot] DinosaurIsland (2017) by qoob

Discussion in 'PC Games' started by ad-team, Oct 15, 2017.

  1. ad-team RAML Expert
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    Oct 14, 2017

    DinosaurIsland (2017) by qoob

    DinosaurIsland (2017) PC | RePack by qoob
    Year of release: 2017
    Genre: Action,Adventure,Indie
    Developer: LiangDeZhao
    Publisher: LiangDeZhao Publication
    Type: RePack
    Platform: PC
    Language: English, MULTi6
    Language of voice: - / -
    Medicine: not required​

    Adventure game of existence and beating, adventure acute lethal searches, cooking different food, making weapons, looking for resources, enjoy adventure travel. Live and explore in the dark realm, always remain vigilant. Collect various items, and also make various weapons, fight with different dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures. Kill a dinosaur and an eccentric, search for food, maintain physical energy to avoid death. The game will establish 4 areas, the shoal of the outer island, the forest of death, the swamp of the night demon, scientific and technical ruins.

    ▪ More than 50 items and 10 weapons
    ▪ Each risk you can only carry five details, choose different combinations of properties, better explore and live. ▪ You must choose food and water, ensure yourself in perfect condition. ▪ Finding a location is very important that you need to make items and weapons, cook food at the location. ▪ The game can not get promoted, the game needs to find a design scheme in the map, add a small amount of combat survivability, cost of living, and also unmask items and weapons. ▪ After a while, 1-3 Boss accidentally appear, they have terrible harms and various special attacks, like burning, spraying a poison and attacking thunder and lightning. ▪ Each risk players can carry a robot, each robot has different power.

    ▪ Appreciate life when you die, then lose a certain amount of energy crystal

    Features repack:
    ▪ The release is based on PLAZA
    ▪ Installation ~ 2 min
    ▪ RePack from qoob

    System requirements:
    ☑OS: Windows 7
    ☑Processor: Intel i5 4590
    ☑Memory: 8 GB RAM
    ☑Graphics Card: NVIDIA GTX 970 / AMD 290
    ☑Disk space : 15 GB



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