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[Release] OpenCities Map PowerView CONNECT Edition Update 16

Discussion in 'PC Apllications' started by TheCornor, Dec 8, 2021.

  1. TheCornor RAML Expert
    Member Lvl5

    Dec 1, 2018

    OpenCities Map PowerView CONNECT Edition Update 16

    OpenCities Map PowerView CONNECT Edition Update 16 | 3.6 Gb

    The software developer OpenCities Map is pleased to announce the availability of OpenCities Map PowerView CONNECT Edition Update 16 (10.​

    16.00.60). This software enables you to view map assets and perform light 2D feature acquisition and editing.
    Note: that the Update number has been adjusted to coincide with the Power Platform / MicroStation Update number, there were no updates between 7.1 and 16.
    These tools are designed to elevate your File-based CAD designs to Geospatial data models using geospatial schemas and geospatial databases.
    This tool will update the active configuration (Workspace/Workset), and make sure that it is fully compatible with OpenCities Map. If required, a new blank OpenCities Map schema will be created.
    This new command remains in the Technology Preview set of features, and allows you to create feature definitions for the inferred features in the active session. The New Live Feature Detection Rules dialog is like MicroStation's Display Rules dialog. You use an editor to specify conditions in-which the elements are to be inferred as features in the Map Schema. It is also possible with the rules to set property values for the inferred feature based on information extracted from the CAD element. Conditions can be added and or combined to ensure the Features meet your Schema specifications.
    A simplified workflow to update feature definitions in an OpenCities Map schema and update the active configuration (Workspace/Workset).
    , an innovative geospatial platform made specifically for MicroStation users. OpenCities Map is built right on top of MicroStation and has a familiar user interface that makes it easy to quickly become proficient in creating powerful GIS models. For Bentley MicroStation users, OpenCities Map is the best way to modernize your existing CAD environment and tap into the power of spatially fueled GIS workflows. It's easy to use and integrates powerful GIS tools into the MicroStation interface you rely on every day.
    enables you to view map assets and perform light 2D feature acquisition and editing. It supports GPS and editing capabilities, making it ideal for field-based operations that require feature editing. OpenCities Map PowerView enables direct querying of and imports from leading spatial databases such as Oracle Spatial, Microsoft SQL Server, Esri File Geodatabase, ArcGIS Server & Online, PostgreSQL (PostGIS) and Web Feature Service (WFS), providing you with seamless and intuitive access to spatial data from a variety of sources. Moreover, the application comes with the same (API) as OpenCities Map Advanced and OpenCities Map Ultimate. Therefore, it is possible to use OpenCities Map PowerView as a platform to run custom GIS applications developed with OpenCities Map Advanced or OpenCities Map Ultimate.
    is the global leader dedicated to providing architects, eeers, constructors, and owner-operators with comprehensive architecture and eeering software solutions for sustaining infrastructure. Founded in 1984, Bentley has nearly 3,000 colleagues in more than 45 countries, $500 million in annual revenues, and, since 2001, has invested more than $1 billion in research, development, and acquisitions.
    OpenCities Map PowerView
    CONNECT Edition Update 16 (
    x64 english
    PC *
    3.6 Gb

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