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Weekly Gaming News - May 6

Discussion in 'News & Updates' started by anonymousd, May 9, 2018.

  1. anonymousd Member
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    Nov 19, 2015

    Weekly Gaming News - May 6

    Weekly Gaming Update by Pinoy Gamer! Let's talk about RoS Developer NetEase hires Battle Royale creator, Filipino AoV Players changing servers to Taiwan, Rules of Survival developer feedback to community suggestions, TemTem a Pokemon-inspired game, 15 Chinese PUBG hackers arrested and League of Legends new aquatic champion

    - The developer behind Rules of Survival and Knives out hired the mastermind of the battle royal movies as the head consultant
    - The Japanese branch of NetEase recently hired Kenta Fukasaku

    AoV Taiwan Server
    - are Filipino AoV players are changing servers?
    - is it because due to lag, high ping and disconnection problems
    - or because they can't wait for the new heroes and skins not released in the Philippines Garena version

    - Crema Games, the studio behind Immortal Redneck, has announced Temtem
    - a massively multiplayer creature-collection adventure game inspired by Pokemon

    Rules of Survival
    - The rules of survival developer team explained why they can't use some of the anti-cheating suggestions by the community like the IP Ban, Pay to Play, Phone Number Registration, 3rd Party Security, Phone Authentication, Rank Matches, and more

    - Earlier this month 15 suspects in China were arrested for the development and sales of hacking and cheating programs that affect PUBG
    - This is an ongoing battle of PUBG against hackers if you remember the previously released data from the anti-cheat software BattleEye is that 99 percent of banned players are from the region China

    League of Legends
    - A new aggressive support Champion teased
    - The new champion is an aquatic-themed based on the teaser image
    - Also according to Riot Games, the new champion will be an “aggressive playmaker, someone who doesn’t just save a drowning ally, but who forces their enemies to drown themselves… by their own hands”
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